Diamond Home property, born in March 2021, thanks to the initiative of several professionals with a

 a long career in the real estate sector and with qualifications as real estate agents.

Diamond Home brand was created with the premise of offering a comprehensive real estate consultancy service.

real estate consultancy. Diamond Home, has been consolidating in the sector, expanding its portfolio of clients and

working hand in hand to find the best solutions.

Diamond Home is committed to the diversification of its services, in addition to the commercial sector, in which it has been

specialising with operations mainly in the northwest area of Madrid, it also northwest of Madrid, collaborates with several

financial institutions.

A great team of people ready to respond to all your needs, we are not just another real estate agency we are integral consultants

based in Madrid and specialised in the purchase and sale of properties throughout the Community.

We advise you throughout the whole process, we analyse even the smallest detail with the best opportunities in the real estate market.

 we always strive to exceed the client's expectations.

We guarantee confidentiality and a personalised attention and service from the first contact and even after the signing of the contract.

Our agents are specialised in the valuation of both spaces and properties and their  properties and how they fit in the area,

both in buying and renting and/or transferring real estate properties.

Diamond Home, offers a multitude of services, starting with the search for the right property, for both individuals and,

as well as the commercial management of the property, whether it is the signing of the contract the signing of the rental contract or

the purchase and sale of the property.

We guarantee competent and high quality real estate brokerage services,  based on a thorough knowledge of the real estate market

in the area and on our extensive experience in the extensive experience in the sector. We help you find the perfect property for you.

Our fees are among the most competent on the market. Our contracts have no penalties, so if you do not receive the desired service

you can always resolve it. 

We have adapted to new changes, which allows us to provide a higher quality and more competitive assistance and more competitive.

We will explain in detail the current market situation and offer you advice and on all issues that arise for you as a landlord, transferor or tenant.

We will take care of the preparation and management of the necessary documentation for the signing of the corresponding contract.

 This way you can focus on what really matters to you.

Our knowledge of the regulations and the necessary documentation is the best basis to ensure the legal

to guarantee the legal correctness of any action you take with us.